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TREIF 660 + Slicing Machine
1 in stock
$109,000.00 + GST (heavily discounted)

Demo hours only
2018 Model
Complete with 2 x Blades
Complete with 2 x grippers.
Ideal machine for slicing cooked meats and bacon, stacks and shingles very accurately.

ULMA FR 100 Flow wrapper
1 in stock
$62,000.00 + GST

Bakery version machine
2018 model
No product / No bag
Print registration
Twin Seal Jaws
Standard pusher infeed
Single roll holder

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Boss Mini Max
2 in stock
$2890.00 + GST each

Internal Chamber Dimensions: 285x350x105 / 150mm2
Seal length: 260mm
Vacuum pump: 4 cubic meters per hour
External Dimensions: 0.36x0.49x0.24 / 0.29m2
Weight: 28kg
Connections: 1 phase, 230V, 50Hz

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SPM AC-RCB-PR 350 x 175 Metal Detector
1 in Stock
$17,230.00 + GST

Conveyor belt type metal detector
Model: SPM AC-RCB-PR Touch screen
Size of detecting tunnel: W350 x H175mm
Passing through area: W300 x H135mm
Machine sensitivity: Fe 1.0mm, Sus 2.2mm (When machine detect different products, it will have different sensitivity)
Belt: PU belt, with belt width 310mm, adjustable speed at 10-45m/min, load capacity on whole belt up to 5KG.
Output mode: Sound and light alarm, with T-pusher and lockable collecting bin and cover.
Machine on Castors
Machine requires air to run.