Injectors / Tenderisers

SPM offer Lutetia's range of injectors and tenderisers for:

  • Injection: ham on the bone, ham, shoulder, bellies, sides, hocks, whole chickens, pieces of beef, turkey breasts, turkey thighs, tuna loins, salmon fillets, cod, ...
  • Injecting / Tenderizing: ham, shoulder, pieces of beef, turkey breast, ..
  • Injection / Tenderizing / Lacerating: ham, shoulder, pieces of beef, turkey breast, ..

For lower as for higher injection percentages, for products with or without bone, for delicate products, the LUTETIA injector / tenderisers are suitable for all your processes.

Robust, reliable and efficient LUTETIA injector / tenderisers are in demand by a great number of professionals. More than one thousand injectors are installed worldwide.